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Community Nursing Care: Elen Care provides home nursing disability care services to prevent illness and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our NDIS Nursing services provide disabled people highly skilled and decorated nurses that work to battle illnesses, identify barriers to healthy lifestyles and general wellness as we work with families and communities to empower individuals. Our NDIS Nurses provide post-acute care to people in their homes. We possess impeccable communication skills, maintain patience and are open to working in a clinical setting such as conducting visits in the comfort of your own home.

Assistance with Travel / Transport: Elen Care provides transport for participants who cannot use public transport because of their disability. Our transport assistance professionals have a valid driver’s license and police background check and possess the valid qualifications. Taxis and specialist transport arrangements will drive you from one place to another and take you back home when you are done. The transport assistance NDIS professionals will provide safe and convenient transport services to help you get to school, regular doctor’s appointment or weekly trips to shopping centres. Our assist/travel/transport professionals can be booked for weekly trips or regular daily trips. These transport services will make mobility for your easier and safer.

Household Tasks: Elen Care are certified providers which will give you helpful assistance with daily life. This includes meal preparation, home maintenance, yard maintenance, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, toilet cleaning, living areas and bedroom cleaning. Our trained support workers will help in daily tasks like cleaning stoves tops, wiping down bench tops, as well as cleaning inside fridges, vacuuming or mopping floors, dusting, dishwashing, changing bed linen, washing, drying and doing essential ironing. We are the best Household Tasks NDIS Service provider. Whatever is the household task, we guarantee that we will do it.

Daily Personal Activities: Elen Care provides assistance that will make life comfortable and easy. Our professionals are well trained, friendly and will support you in assistance with daily living. We will take responsibility for the personal hygiene activities of such like showering, oral hygiene or dressing. We also assist in eating and drinking, assisting in mobility to get in and out of bed, toileting or bowel and bladder management. In addition, we make sure that we will accompany you to your weekly or monthly appointments to the doctor’s office or dental clinic.